Friday, November 25, 2011

Wiki & Abstracts (no. 33) - Sally Mann

This next photographer is my favorite photographer OF ALL TIME.

It is my my utmost pleasure to introduce you to...

"In order to create a good photograph, you have to photograph what you love."
- Sally Mann

Sally Mann is best known for her whimsical, realistic portraits of her family,  southern landscapes, and out of the ordinary still-life's. What sets Sally apart from the rest of the photographers of the world is her use of camera techniques in the darkroom and using a massive 8x10 camera instead of digital.

 Her first body of work is beautiful, dream-like portraits of her children at their home in Virgina. These photographs were controversial because many people felt because of her children's nudity that they were pornographic. Sally never intended for her work to exhibited, and explained that these photographs of her children were intimate moments between herself and her children. Also, because they lived in hot southern Virgina, it was normal for her children to go shirtless. She made the point too that the images are what you make of them.

After her collection Immediate Family became a success and all her children had grown up Sally's attention shifted to the southern landscape around her. She feels that the land, especially the land around her home, harbors memories of the past and has a spirit of its own. Her landscape pieces have an earthly, yet otherworldly look to them. Like they straddle time between the present and the past.

If you want to learn more about Sally Mann check out the documentary "What Remains: Life and Work of Sally Mann". It's an amazing video that lets you into her world and inside the head of a photographic genius.

Here is a video clip of the documentary:

Also here is Sally Mann on the PBS show ART:21

Hope I've convinced you Sally Mann is AMAZING!

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