Friday, November 25, 2011

Wiki & Abstracts (no. 31) - Loretta Lux

The next woman photographer I am going to blog about it is....

Loretta Lux is a German photographer who is famous for her surreal portraits of children and childhood. She often takes photographs and distorts them on Photoshop. Her subjects bodies are distorted, often enlarging the head and eyes, and elongating the body. She then sets them against an idyllic background or setting, and alters their clothes or props t made them seem unreal or dream-like. Because of her extensive knowledge of color and color theory her photographs have a distinct, unique color palette. Her photographs are often seen as haunting yet intriguing.

Here are a few examples...

Loretta Lux's newest work though is starting to use less Photoshop techniques in her portraits of childhood. She is taking a step back from the painting-like style and is heading into more of a statement style of photography. Her photograph below, Big Gulp, plays into the trend of children becoming more and more influenced by consumerism and trying to grow up as soon as possible, but yet still giving her photographs a surrealist look.

If you want to learn more about Loretta Lux, check out the TIME MAGAZINE ARTICLE written about her. Also, check out more of her work at her OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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  1. Her photos sort of reminded me of the early ideas of children. Where people believed that children were just smaller versions of adults and should behave like a small adult. They should be seen and not heard and should act accordingly. And now that idea has come full circle and children are given the idea that they can and should grow up and dress like adults, talk like them and act like them. It is so sad when children have their innocence ripped away from them.