Monday, December 5, 2011

Wiki & Abstracts (no. 38) - Charles Csuri

I am taking a break from focusing on amazing women in the media and paying homage to an innovative artist who pioneered computer art and is considered the father of graphic design, computer animation, and computer fine art.


Csuri is his early art career experiment with styles like Cubism and Pop Art, but none of the most traditional tools like paint and canvas appealed to him. Instead he decided to use his computer as a art tool. Before Csuri images create on the computer screen were not considered art with a capital "A". Through many years of experimentation Csuri came up with ways to create 3D graphics and designs in a 2D picture plane with a computer program.

Cubic Space 1969

To our modern eye "Cubic Space" might not look like a well done design, but we have to remember that this was done in 1969, so for its time it was insanely advanced.

Csuri then took his designs and turned them into short animated films. The short below, Air Balloons, the world space has been divided into thin slices of color. As the objects moves through one slice entering another one the color changes...color appears as rings because of the curvature of the object. The object's speed of movement position through space determines the rate of color change. The world space can also be sub divided into thicker sections. Their orientation as well as the world color space can be altered over time. Color space can be changed at a faster pace than the movement of objects.

Csuri's most famous and signature style was his Lines In Space computer drawings. In these computer drawings Csuri to lines and made them 3D. This illusion of space revolutionized computer graphics.

Here is a brief biography on Charles Csuri if you want to learn more about his influence on computer graphics, something  that is used in every aspect of the media today.

Csuri did the majority of his world in the 1960's, a 44 years later his has a blog!!!

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