Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wiki & Abstracts (no. 28) - What good are tests?

Last week in class Rob brought up an interesting topic:

What good are tests?

I personally do not feel that standardized tests accurately access intelligence. Nor do I feel that the way that the school system is set up and organized benefits ALL students.

I think of our school systems are set up like factory's.

We are divided up by age.

We are taught various subjects in timed sections and the same curriculum for everyone.

Then we are further divided up by how well we work with the school system into "good" students and "bad" students.

For me, school shouldn't be so black and white. Studies show that we all learn and perceive the world differently. I don't believe in "bad" or "stupid" students, I just think that a lot of kids and adults are not given a chance in this "one size fits all" education system.

And tests are a huge part of the school system that hinders a lot of students form actually learning, because in reality you memorize for a test, instead learning for it. I think more in-class and out of class activities should be offered. By combing hands on learning, we will have a more rounded education.

To better illustrate my point, check out this video featuring the lecture "CHANGING EDUCATION PARADIGMS" by Sir Ken Robinson.

Also, they're is a EXCELLENT book called "You Are Smarter Than You Think" that address the problem with schools limiting learning style options and in effect limiting millions of students potential to succeed and learn.

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