Friday, October 7, 2011

Wiki & Abstracts (no. 6) - ANNUIT COEPTIS

On the first or second day of class Rob asked us if we knew what the above symbol meant.

After some research I discovered that our country has a long history of putting symbols on our nations currency. The symbol in question especially was tough to find some information on. What I did find though is that this above symbol has a lot of meaning in every last detail, including the number of layers (13) in the pyramid.

The two slogans ANNUIT COEPTIS and NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM are Latin:

ANNUIT COEPTIS - "God favors our undertaking", or God favors the advancement of U.S.A.

NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - "A New Order of the Ages"

What about the actual pyramid? And the eye?

The symbol above is most well known as the EYE OF PROVIDENCE, or the eye of God watching over humankind. It was a symbol often used by the Free Masons, a exclusive group that has long been associated with conspiracy theories.

What about the 13 layers in the pyramid?

The 13 layers signify the 13 colonies; the building blocks of our future country.

So basically, our founding fathers loved symbolism. Since I am also a big fan of symbolism (in my artwork) so I don't see anything strange with using ancient images and language to decorated our currency. But in my research, I found a lot of people who find the symbolism suspicious.

Check out this...

This is just ONE video that I found, I actually made myself watch at least 10 others before choosing this one. And honestly this was probably the least crazy of all. It makes you think though, why are some people so ready to believe that our government is out to get us? And why would anyone think that they would print their diabolical plot for world domination out on a piece of paper that millions of Americans use everyday?

Any thoughts?

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