Monday, October 3, 2011

Wiki & Abstracts (no. 4) - Resurrection Blues

It is a super interesting that while we are in class about to learn about deception in media just a building away in the CSS Theatre a play is being organized to highlight this very notion of "who do you trust in the media?". And if trusting has concequneces, what are they?

Did anyone ever had to read Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller in highschool? Well I did, and that play changed my outlook on the "American Dream". It just so happens that here at CSS the Theatre Department is performing another one of Artur Miller's famous plays called Resurrection Blues.

Set in an unnamed, poverty-stricken Latin America country an unseen protagonist who is rumored to be able to perform miracles and change lives ignites a revolution. Feeling threatened by the growing popularity of the mysterious man and his followers, the Chief of State General Felix of the poor Hispanic country decides to capture and crucify him. The dictator’s intentions create a ripple effect of moral dilemmas for the rest of the characters including his wealthy cousin Henri, Henri’s spirited daughter Jeanine, and an American television crew hired to document the crucifixion. Through a dark comedy, Miller has the audience witness the benefits and dangers of blind belief; whether it is religious, political, economic, and emotional.

Showtimes at CSS Theater at 7pm on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th,Sunday 16th, Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, and Sunday 23rd.


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